The 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Amsterdam

Een rustige en stille ruimte als flexwerker vinden is niet gemakkelijk in zo’n grote drukke stad als Amsterdam. Daarom sluiten coworking-spaces  zo geweldig aan bij de veranderende arbeidsmarkt waarin meer flexwerkers en freelancers te vinden zijn. Meer over de voordelen en nadelen van een co-working space valt hier terug te lezen. In Amsterdam zijn er gelukkig veel uitstekende co-working-spaces met een breed scala aan diensten en pakketten voor startups, ondernemers en freelancers. Niet verwonderlijk aangezien Amsterdam een van de hoogste percentages heeft van onafhankelijke werknemers in de EU. In de stad waar individuele vrijheid niet alleen wordt gerespecteerd, maar ook aangemoedigd, is er voldoende ruimte voor professionele groei. That is why here is a list of the 5 best co-working spaces in the capital.

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The Anywork community is full of independent workers that share the best workplaces such as restaurants, bars, libraries, but also shared offices and coworking spaces. Try out the new way of working and discover the coolest coworking spaces where you can find new inspiration. After many hours of flex working, many coffees and many reviews, the Anywork members have picked the 5 best coworking spaces in Amsterdam, read more about them below.

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5. The Thinking Hut

Founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by a group of friends who felt there was insufficient office space in the city for their own businesses. The Thinking Hut is primarily a creative co-working space where many freelancers, writers, web developers and marketing specialists have found their permanent place of work. The facilities also include meeting rooms, events and workshops. The Thinking Hut has two locations in Amsterdam in the Zuid and Oost districts. The building in Amsterdam east near the Oosterpark was an old horse stable from 1912 that has been renovated into coworking and the other location in Amsterdam south near the Olympic Stadium was an old bicycle factory. Perfect for inspiration or to take a walk during your break through the beautiful Oosterpark or Amsterdam Zuid.

There are a number of very flexible packages for freelancers, including day tickets that allow professionals to quickly find a desk in Amsterdam, as well as more subscriptions that range from one day a week to unlimited use of the office spaces.

Reviews: The Anywork community mainly mentions the good vibe as the biggest asset within The Thinking Hut. The decor is playful and has a creative atmosphere. Points for improvement lie mainly in the lack of daylight at the location in Amsterdam East, at the location in Amsterdam South this is well arranged. Furthermore, the friendly staff, good lunch but especially the location at the Oosterpark (at one of the locations) is described as the biggest plus points.

Cost: The subscription costs are very reasonable ranging from € 75 for 1 day a week to € 230 for full time (excl. VAT).

4. TQ

TQ is a co-working space with its origins in Amsterdam. It was founded in 2016 by The Next Web, a well-known media house in the heart of Amsterdam. They work with future-proof partners, including ABN-AMRO, KPMG and Google for Startups. H is also called the heart of the Amsterdam startup community. The whole idea is to help the tech startups to achieve exceptional growth by providing them with the right facilities, events, community and a large international network. To offer. Just like any other shared coworkings, it also offers a great opportunity to network, focus and be inspired.

Members get full-time access to the rooms (shared / private) such as event or meeting rooms, kitchens and lounge areas. What is really cool is that TQ regularly organizes events with top speakers, so great networking opportunities, coupled with a beer after training, yoga class or barbecue on the balcony with the TQ community. This way there is a nice mix During the day you can work in one of the meeting rooms and in the evening have a beer in the TQ's own bar, while you attend an interesting meeting.

Reviews: The reviews show that especially the great central location is an important factor in choosing TQ. The facilities such as the bar and roof terrace are also praised. However, it emerges that TQ as a startup hub is really aimed at startups (mostly fintech) and that the community is therefore less suited to the average freelancer. Yet the view of Amsterdam alone makes it worth a visit. The Anywork members find TQ the perfect coworking space for startups.

Cost: monthly packages are available for € 100.

3. B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is the city's most popular technical center. The B buildings are the home of most cool tech startups in the Netherlands. They started in Amsterdam in 2014 by Guus Meulendijks, Bas van Veggel and Ricardo van Loenen. They build a bridge between companies, creatives and startups and bring them all under one roof, so that they learn from each other and grow together. For this community they have three buildings in the city and they build the largest ecosystem of startups in Europe.

The B. campus as it is also called, consists of creative workspaces for innovation, education and growth, spread over 40,000 square meters. It is not only for freelancers and startup but also the meeting place for entrepreneurs, investors, government and companies. In addition to co-working space, it also offers event or meeting rooms, a lounge, a gym, a cinema and a rooftop restaurant with a view of Amsterdam. The campus B. is decorated in a modern with an industrial chic setting, full of creatives and offers the right toolset, knowledge and social environment to allow every company to grow in the best possible way.

Reviews: The locations of B. Amsterdam are mainly described as very hip environments, industrial design with many vintage furniture gives the coworking spaces a great atmosphere according to many. Some Anyworkers describe it as something too much aimed at hipsters. A downside that often comes back is that the rooms can be quite noisy, although there are call booths present. A big plus is the beautiful roof terrace at the main location (below) where you can perfectly enjoy the sun with a snack from the restaurant on site. In short, an inspiring place perfect for freelancers and startups,

Cost: The subscriptions range from € 75 to € 225.

2. Spaces

Spaces excels in what the name describes, the coworking spaces! The concept was established in Amsterdam around 2008 by Martijn Roordink, Rattan Chadha and Frederique Keuning. It was born with the idea of ​​creating a community of thinkers, dreamers and achievers. It is open to companies, entrepreneurs, project teams, established companies, startups, freelancers and digital nomads. It simply offers a good workspace to grow their business.

With a total of 7 (!) Locations in Amsterdam, Spaces is a major player that is perfect for the Amsterdammer to work from. A subscription gives access to all these locations. In addition to an extensive events agenda and excellent facilities, Spaces offers more than a co-working space. There are all kinds of services to make working life easier and more inspiring, such as super fast wi-fi, barista coffee, access to meeting rooms, and much more. The spaces are beautifully designed and suit every need! Whether you need a cozy corner, a large lunch table or a telephone booth, everything is possible at Spaces! It offers a less businesslike, more hip work environment compared to its 'big brother' Regus.

Reviews: The locations of Spaces are stylishly and industrially furnished, which makes it a nice place for many people to work flexibly. Users also praise the pleasant informal and creative atmosphere, which is also reflected in, for example, a music room that is present. This makes Spaces a very suitable meeting place for permanent freelancers but also for a short meeting. There are many possibilities within the shared work spaces, but also for renting individual offices that all offer a nice view of Amsterdam.

Cost: A subscription costs € 225 and gives access to all Spaces around the world. Free day passes are also available.

1. WeWork

WeWork is a global market leader in co-working spaces. The company was founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York and now has coworking locations around the world. This rapid growth is not without reason, the philosophy is that they have a friendly, productive and more relaxed workspace at the locations. Their customers do not work together, but also enjoy facilities such as yoga sessions, workshops and events. In short, WeWork is increasingly trying to present itself as a lifestyle brand.

The company has two locations in Amsterdam that are suitable for smaller companies, freelancers and professionals. There is a wide range of facilities at both locations, including high-speed internet, telephone booths, meeting rooms and common lounge areas. WeWork also organizes social events throughout the month that allow customers, like-minded professionals and potential colleagues to meet. One location also has event space, while the other has a wellness center.

Reviews: Many reviews at WeWork locations mention that it is a great place to meet new people. The spaces are often described as atmospheric, lots of light and very clean. Yet it is indicated that the offices that are rented out do not always contain enough light or are spacious enough. Finally, the facilities are also praised such as the friendly staff, the free / coffee and beer, but also the networking possibilities through the community.

Cost: monthly packages range from € 100 to € 330.



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