The 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Utrecht

Opzoek naar een fijne plek om te werken in Utrecht? Na vele reviews zetten wij onze 5 favoriete Coworking Spaces spaces op een rijtje, allemaal perfect om te (flex)werken!

Working from home as a freelancer or startup can often be fine, but many people experience many benefits of working outside the home. A clear separation of work and private life is often cited as an important advantage. Now this is also possible by working from a restaurant or cafe, which is why we also favor this top 10 free workplaces in Utrecht.

Maar ondernemers geven vooral andere voordelen aan van een coworking space zoals het praten en sparren met gelijkgestemden. Veel ondernemers verliezen zich vaak in hun werk en opdrachten terwijl netwerken, feedback ophalen en het verbreden van de kennis vaak een grotere impact kunnen hebben op succes. Wie weet bevind jouw nieuwe collega/ co-founder of nieuwe klant zich wel in een coworking space. Het delen van kennis en helpen bij elkaars werk is dan ook iets wat regelmatig voorkomt.

Tot slot wordt ervaren veel zpp’ers vaak een gevoel van eenzaamheid, niet alleen in hun werk maar ook in hun thuiswerkplek. Coworking spaces proberen zo goed mogelijk een ondernemende sfeer neer te zetten in hun design en doen veel aan community building aan de hand van handige tools, zo voelt zelfs de grootste introvert zicht thuis. Kortom Laat je inspireren en neem eens een kijkje in een van de hieronder genoemde coworking spaces!

Why you can trust us

The Anywork community is full of flex workers where the best workplaces are shared, such as restaurants, bars, libraries, but also shared offices and coworking spaces. Also go for 'new work' and discover the coolest coworking spaces that you can get inspiration from. After many hours of flexible working, many coffees, many hours of empty tables searching, the Anywork members arrived at the next 5 coworkings in Utrecht.

Ontdek jouw nieuwe Coworking Space in Utrecht:

5. De stadstuin

De Stadstuin is a good option for the more creative workplace. The location further from the center of Utrecht has its advantages in terms of crowds. Reviews describe the coworking space primarily as a pleasant workplace with a lot of creativity and young people.

Atmosphere and Community

It is a (breeding) place where creative companies, start-ups, artists and other entrepreneurs, whether self-employed or not, can rent a workplace or studio. Due to the very different nature of activities and disciplines, surprising partnerships and cross-fertilization are created. The cozy lunch café provides the "Stadstuiniers", but also people from outside, with tasty sandwiches and other (alcoholic) snacks. Many events and parties that are organized here are also worthwhile.


The prices are very reasonable thanks to the location. For example, from 100 euros per month it is possible to rent a fixed workplace and an office space can be rented from 319 euros. Nice prices for a starting freelancer or company!

4. TRIBES Utrecht Central

The perfect place for a quick workplace or meeting. This Co-working Space is literally located in the Central Station of Utrecht. Reviews describe this location as a pleasant workplace that is spatially designed and nicely decorated. However, there are reservations about the prices that are used, although the fixed subscriptions are not expensive. 

Atmosphere and Community

Tribes Utrecht is part of the Tribes chain that now has branches in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Brussels, The Hague, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Rotterdam and therefore Utrecht. Tribes establishes a premium atmosphere that is perfect for the business user where a community is certainly present if that is less present at this location because of the many travelers. That is also the biggest advantage of this location, located in the middle of the Netherlands as an office it is the perfect base for the traveling businessman.


There are a number of options at Tribes. For example, there is a subscription that gives unlimited access to the spaces for co-working, lounges, cafés and restaurants. These subscriptions vary from 150 euros for 1 location to 200 euros for all locations in the Netherlands. This includes a flexible workplace with free internet, hot drinks and reception. 

3. JIM Utrecht

JIM stands for Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile and it is an innovation coworking space located near the Central Station of Utrecht. The space is open to freelancers, startups, corporates and organizations to innovate and exchange knowledge. Reviews praise these co-working spaces for the nicely decorated spaces, the location and the large number of companies that are located there, although the subscription prices are on average somewhat higher than other coworkings in Utrecht.

Atmosphere and Community

The community is very broad and perfect for starting freelancers and companies to not only expand their network but also to find their first customers. There is primarily a focus on innovative products where urban, smart, healthy and green are the magic words. It is encouraged to share expertise such as having a marketer join a technician. This is done, for example, by giving the community members a profile where contact can be made. The location also has the advantage that large events can give a boost to your company, such as gathering customers, name recognition and networking.


The subscription costs vary from 195 euros for 1 day per week to 395 euros for full-time. This includes free coffee and wifi, printing options and a reception.

2. Social Impact Factory

The Social Impact Factory is centrally located in Utrecht right next to Central Station. Above Brasserie de Utrechter there are 4 floors with flexible workspaces, meeting spaces, event spaces and LABS. As a member you are provided with all conveniences such as free coffee, wifi, lunch discount and a comfortable chair and desk. Reviews cite especially the nice location and the beautiful building as the biggest plus points, also for events the nearby Utrecht Central is perfect.

Atmosphere and Community

As the name implies, this coworking space is committed to social entrepreneurship but also to sustainable entrepreneurship. A good example of this is that you can pay in 'Social Capital' instead of money. Think of sharing and helping your expertise but also a job such as covering the lunch table, this philosophy corresponds to that of Seats2Meet with which there is a partnership. The community can also be called very open and contact is encouraged through online statuses and messages, good for the atmosphere and for your network.


The options are wide at the social impact factory. For example, it is possible to rent a desk for 1 to 5 days a week, this costs 75 to 275 euros per month respectively. It is also possible to book a meeting room 

1. Mindspace Utrecht

The co-working space Mindspace is located at a beautiful central location in Utrecht close to Central Station. Reviews describe this location as a pleasant workplace with an open community and a pleasant atmosphere. Mindspace Utrecht opened its doors in 2019 and is therefore the fourth location in the Netherlands. Mindspace is an international player with 27 other locations in key cities around the world, such as San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Warsaw, London, Munich, Hamburg and Washington DC

Atmosphere and Community

What is striking about Mindspace is the atmosphere and design. The design of the offices and meeting rooms can be described as vintage, boutique and warm. Spaces are smartly furnished and give allure to the average meeting. At the same time there is a homely atmosphere with vintage accessories, lounge corners, a bar and lots of art. At Mindspace they try to create a community feeling where people can inspire each other, expand their network and make use of each other's expertise.


There are many options such as renting a desk or a small office, prefect for freelancers or startups. The costs range from 180 euros for the rental of a flex space to 1100 euros for an office suitable for two people.


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