Coworking Space cannot be compared to a coffee shop

Cafes are great places to go if you have a short meeting or want to drink a good espresso while answering your e-mails or updating your social media. Much has been written about why coffee shops are nice workplaces and why they are comparable to coworking spaces. Yet they are not essentially designed to serve as a workplace, especially if you want to continue working longer. To help you decide which might be the best option for you, here is a list of some situations in which a cafe might disrupt rather than boost your productivity.

Why you can trust us

The ANYWORK community is full of flex workers where the best workplaces are shared, such as restaurants, bars, libraries, but also shared offices and coworking spaces. Also go for the 'new way of working' and discover on our site the coolest catering businesses and coworking spaces that you can get inspiration from. After many hours of flexible working, many coffees, many hours of looking for empty tables, these are the main reasons why a coworking space is sometimes the most suitable workplace.

Lack of sockets

cafe stopcontacten

Imagine talking to a customer in a cafe via Skype or Google Hangouts. Your operating system will then inform you that your battery is low. You look around and there are no sockets available. So what's happening? You can say goodbye to your customer. Fortunately we give up ANYWORK clear which cafes have enough sockets.

But still, in a coworking space this situation is almost impossible. There are many workplaces with top contacts: for your notebook, your smartphone and your tablet if you have one.

And the best thing is: you don't have to worry or ask about it. Find one and connect your devices.

Poor internet connection and speed

slechte wifi in de horeca

Imagine the following situation: you are a graphic designer and you work in a café. A major customer calls you and asks him to send those 500MB Adobe Illustrator illustrations that you have made for the project. Then you realize that the internet cafe is very, very slow and unstable. Fortunately, cafés that also focus on flex workers are increasingly investing in their internet connection, check the best cafes on our website website.

In a coworking space they always offer you a fast internet connection via WiFi or cable (which is much better for many users). Depending on the space policy, they can help you make a special rule in their network to offer you a faster internet connection.

You have to go to the toilet



How safe is it to leave your notebook, smartphone or bag on the table?

This of course depends on the situation and location. You can also ask another guest or owner to look after your things, but in general it is not advisable in the larger Dutch cities to leave your things unseen. It is not a huge risk, but if you often go somewhere, the risk will increase. Remember that in a cafe or restaurant many people go in and out. You can certainly bring your things to the toilet, but that does not improve productivity.

You don't have to worry about that in a coworking space either. you can leave your desk to go to the toilet, to smoke, to answer phone calls, and so on.

Lack of privacy



Most people (including myself) meet customers in cafes. It is cheaper than renting a meeting room, easier to find and the atmosphere and coffee are great. It also often brings people in a good mood.

But depending on the topic of the meeting, this is sometimes not a good option, especially if you want to talk about sensitive information such as legal matters, finances or strategy.

Everyone around you can hear what you are talking about.

In this case, a private or meeting room is the best option for you. And it's much more professional than a public place, isn't it?

In short


There are plenty of reasons why in many situations a co-working space is the best option as a workplace compared to the hospitality industry. The big advantage is that the hospitality industry is generally free, although it is of course expected that some will be consumed. However, the additional price that must be paid for a coworking space (with free drinks) is often justifiable. Especially the spaces and atmosphere designed for work can give you a big boost in productivity. And then I quote my slogan that has just been devised: productivity is money.    


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