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Wild West

I come here for dinner every so often when I'm in the neighborhood and the place is nice, cozy and very hipster. They have a nice selection of drinks, not your usual ice teas and colas + the food is simple, but very decent. It has a great vibe as well!
I had a vegan pizza and tea and my friend hat a "normal" pizza and an coke and everything was great! I got hot water brought to the table and could chose a tea by smelling it and they all were amazing!
Delicious vegan pizza, and, it's wonderful what the architects have done with a semi-subterranean parking/industrial space.
Fancy bar located below an apartment block currently next to a construction work. Hard to find without Google Maps, a real secret tip.

We arrived there around 10pm and the waitress told us that the kitchen is already closed. A few moments later she came back and told us that the cook would love to prepare our two burgers we wanted to order.

So we ate two very delicious burgers with fresh fries ...

Friendly and young staff, delicious food, tasty beer.

A great recommendation for everyone who would like to eat offsidely or the tourism spots.
We found the Wild West by chance, a real hidden gem, tucked under an apartment block.

The food being delivered to the customers around us looked stunning. We had already eaten and as we walked back to the hotel, checked Google for Bars and this popped up.

Thank you Google.

Well worth a visit and just soak up the different approach to providing a meal and a drink in a different setting.

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