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5th time I came, always happy until now. Will never come back.

Terrible service. We arrived, found a couch to sit, opened our laptop to book a trip and ordered our drinks & food. Everything seemed fine. However, as soon as we ate the last piece of food (we still had some beer left) the waiter Bart came to tell us that we couldn't be there with the laptop and that we had to leave or squeeze in a super busy table.

I complained as
1. there is no sign of no laptops in that area
2. the restaurant was empty (except of the long table)
3. they should have told us in advance because we wouldn't have ordered
4. Bart laughed at me in an extremely rude manner when I walked to him to pay and say that I didn't like the way they had behaved
Really cute place. It's decorated so cute and creaties a lovely atmosphere. Nice place to work or have coffee with friends. Good for the entire day, from breakfast till dinner. Great vegan options!
The brunch is really good and their menu has a lot of tasty options. The staff is friendly but for the second time they forgot about my order and let me waiting for a long time. It's even difficult to call the attention of the waiters because they're so busy that they don't even notice you. This makes the experience less enjoyable.
Fabulous place to go. If I'd have my own lunchroom coffee place, this is what it would look like! Everything is vegetarian or vegan. All natural products, organic and seasonal. Very tasty and fresh.
Coffee is sourced from KEEN (machine) and The Village (filter) both of which are among the best the country.
Very trendy hip hangout for hipsters and young people. Large table to accommodate the digital nomads with power outlets!
Great artisan beers as well as an original wine list. Again, if had a place it would resemble this one in many ways! Highly recommended!
Culinary top. Only vegans/vegetarians food. Tasty, surprising and nicely served.

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