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Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht Binnenstad (UBB)

Good environment .. lot's of books. :)
Beautiful university library, wish they had more study spots
It is such a shame to see such a nice building in a great location being managed so poorly. The employees are bored to death, unkind and always unwilling to help and ready for some irony. Every encounter with them to date (with very few exceptions) has ranged from unacceptable to infuriating!
Got a tour of the place. Beautiful architecture and great history. Visitors should pay extra attention to the front doors and there is a café you can relax in.
If it's your first time in this (beautiful) library, be prepared to get lost a few times. Would like to see a lot more study places, every spot was already taken at 09:45. It just generally feels they didn't use the space of the building efficiently.

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