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Bar Bukowski

Last Saturday (July 3rd 2021) a friend of mine and her friends were physically assaulted and handled violentaly by a staff member there right when the bar was closing, and the other people working there did not help in any way. No responsability was taken at this point.
By now we all know the employees are rasicts and liars as well. Thought anyone going here should know
Incredibly rude and disrespectful. Not to mention the blatant discriminatory behavior shown to customers. Disgusting.
Fantastic bar! Always a good vibe and friendly personnel. Great service with a smile and awesome cocktails on the weekend days. Definitely a go-to place I would recommend.
If you’re still wondering if you should go, the answer is yes.

Great beer selection, Staff if very polite and quick with service. I personally haven’t tried the food but my friends assure me it’s quite good.
It’s a great place to meet your friends or maybe have a first date. As the atmosphere is very nice.

P.S. They get a +1 from me just because of the name :)

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