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Bar Bukowski

If you’re still wondering if you should go, the answer is yes.

Great beer selection, Staff if very polite and quick with service. I personally haven’t tried the food but my friends assure me it’s quite good.
It’s a great place to meet your friends or maybe have a first date. As the atmosphere is very nice.

P.S. They get a +1 from me just because of the name :)
Good staff. Nice place to hangout with friends. I also like the beef spring-roll. Only downside is there’s no nice place close-by to continue partying when they shut down.
Good location and kind staff. Ask the bartender to make a custom cocktail for you because those are better than the cocktails on the menu!
Good coffee too, now that we cannot go for cocktails 😊
Nice bar at the corner of the Oosterpark. Good place to hang out on a rainy afternoon.

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