Location Block


Nice place, amazing interior, good music, tasty drink. I came here and it said no cash or credit card is acceptable but only ATM card. However the owner tried to find some changes and I could finally purchase one. Overall great. Just pay attention to the payment. I liked it here very much.
A coffee shop at the corner with not much crowd. Tried the carrot cake and it was pretty good. The chai latte I ordered tasted a little bit plain though. They don’t accept cash or credit card here.
Great shop. We went at the end of the day, and they were nearly out of everything. We got the carrot cake, a croissant, the soup, a couple cappuccino, and a mint infusion tea. The croissant came with two types of jams, my son ate them all. The cake came with a little sweet yogurt, also quite delicious! The soup was savory, and came with thick, hearty bread. All quite satisfying on a rainy day. The mint infusion was actual mint, not just a tea bag. Pleasantly surprised. Will return earlier to try the actual boterham!
Cute coffee shop with very good coffee and a large assortment of sweets like cinnamon rolls and banana bread. Bit cold though.
Cozy and quiet. Nice music, a lot of light.

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