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Coffee & Coconuts.

This is very nice place. Atmosphere is spacious and bright. Their menu for both food and drink offer something for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions. The food is typically quite nice and I’ve tried a few of their drinks which are also tasty.

Perhaps because of the size of the space, I find the service leaves a bit to be desired. I have always found it difficult to get the servers attention to order or even pay the bill. In fact several times I have had to get up and find the server and ask if we could place an order.

If you are patient and have the time then you should be happy with you experience. If you’re in for a quick coffee or bite, then I suggest elsewhere.
Even though it looks like a very nice place for a cup of coffee, the moment me and my friend sat down to do some studying, one of the waitresses rudely asked us 'if we knew laptops were not allowed at these tables'. I told her sorry; i don't think we could have known, and we left because the available places specific for laptops were at the bar, very limited and of course all occupied.
Coffee & Coconuts was a great surprise for me. From outside the art deco building although beautiful does not hint anything you will experience inside. It's an old cinema and you can identify the old structure when you are inside. Apart from that, everything is amazing. Food, service, coffee...It can get a bit busy specially over the weekends, but it's worth the wait.
Great breakfast place. We tried the dirty vegan burrito and the coconut pancakes. Both meals were delicious. The pancakes are a bit too sweet for my liking. Would go back any day for the burrito! The coffee was good and the staff attentive and friendly. Would love to have soy milk as a milk option. Overall a great experience! Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.
The inside of this restaurant is fabulous with three stories and plenty of room to spread out. We had a table with bean bags, which was fun. Gluten free pancakes were amazing. Portions are big! Great cold brew coffee and nice servers.

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