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Veel flexwerkers, Goede Koffie, Mooi design


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Coffee & Coconuts

I really like this place! It is very full and always you need to wait to get a table, but besides that, the place is great for brunch! Good quality is good!
Service, it is slow sometimes, but they are kind.
Oat milk cappuccino is fantastic, as well as their granola bowl. I love the all around vibe of the place and all of the greenery included in the decor. Great place to bring your computer to get some work done or settle in with a nice book. Only thing is its typically very packed and it can take a long time for someone to take your order, so don't come here in a hurry.
3.5 stars. 5 stars location, quite friendly staff, good (four stars) taste, but the breakfast portions might leave you still a bit hungry (I had the poached eggs which turned out to be only one egg). A very good way to start a day though.
Cozy, charming and hushed place. The perfect place a for having a really well done cafe latte while enjoying your friends’ company. There are different floors as well as different seats ( big tables, sofa...). The staff is really kind.
Great cafe. Much larger than I anticipated when we first walked by. Fast service and friendly staff. Would definitely visit again.

I love visiting spots like this while traveling.

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