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Veel flexwerkers, Goede Koffie, Mooi design


Kan druk zijn


Coffee & Coconuts.

Nice restaurant but the food and smoothies are not worth the money they ask for it.
A millennial and charming brunch place with Very decent vegan options!! There’s always a queue but it moves quickly, however, you never feel rushed to leave.
Downside is that they don’t have high chairs for children and it’s not very accessible
Nice atmosphere - lovely coffee. The place is always packed (testament to the great feel), so book or come early.
Atmosphere-5, Food-4, Service-4

Really pretty decor, and good interesting options on the menu - we got a great tea and the bread and dips platter.
This is very nice place. Atmosphere is spacious and bright. Their menu for both food and drink offer something for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions. The food is typically quite nice and I’ve tried a few of their drinks which are also tasty.

Perhaps because of the size of the space, I find the service leaves a bit to be desired. I have always found it difficult to get the servers attention to order or even pay the bill. In fact several times I have had to get up and find the server and ask if we could place an order.

If you are patient and have the time then you should be happy with you experience. If you’re in for a quick coffee or bite, then I suggest elsewhere.

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