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Coffee & Coconuts

Massive space that welcomes workers etc. Ideal chill out space for those who want to linger. Their special Ice Coconut Coffee was delicious. I had a long black which wasn't great. Very acidic so perhaps they just needed to adjust the grind as it was just after lunch. The food menu sounds amazing but unfortunately we had already eaten lunch.
The beef burger is the best! Haven’t taste a good burger for a lonnnng time and this is the one! It’s juicy, flavorful and the sour cream is right on the spot. Love how they use spinach instead of lettuce in the burger. The service is great and fast. There’s comfy seats in the store as well.
It’s rare to find an American restaurant/coffee place with coconut theme. This place has both good food/drinks as well as a great atmosphere. Several levels with tables and some comfy couch, for people reading or just hanging out on their own like me. I got the Gorilla loco, healthy I think. And the coconut pancakes, very delicious. The coconut cream is light and not too sweet.
This is a charming place, inviting for those who'd like a pillow to lean on as they work or pick at snacks. The appetizers were good. We didn't have anything heavier. Didn't order coffee either, so I can't speak to that. They have a nice vibe and it's worth checking out.
A cool place with a nice layout with different floors. Service not good and really slow. They were more concerned about chatting with friends and eachother. The coconut coffee I ordered was delicious though. That and the cool interior saves it from a two star rating.

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