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Mooi design, genoeg stopcontacten


Kan druk zijn, weinig flexwerkers


Kanarie Club

Despite of the Covid guidelines, this place still gave off a warm & friendly vibe! I loved it's quirkiness & the upbeat spirit of all the staff each time I went.
I even went back with friends just to show them how it all worked with the new system in place to keep it running smoothly & the atmosphere it has.
The 5th star is missing simply because I think portion size for the money you pay is rather expensive.
Very annoying and un-personal ordering system using a website when sitting outside. Plus they make you pay an extra payment fee on ordering each round. Hospitality service reaching new lows, could be so much better as the location is nice.
Awesome place. The food is so great. Would like to come here everyday.
Do not drink any Cocktails at this location just if you seem to be a fan of Ice Cubes. Most of the ordered drinks were simply 90 percent pure ice!
Lots of different options and everything is done through phone, from ordering to paying. Really nice experience 🤓

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