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Monks Coffee Roasters

Great place for having coffee, lunch or sweet treat. I often come here to work, but I like the fact they keep half of the tables 'laptop-free', so it won't be a place full of digital Nomads and such (happens a lot in Amsterdam). The owners are also very funny and friendly people. I would say: go here!
Do you like a relaxing cute cozy spot to enjoy an espresso or cappuccino? This place is ideal. The food options are light and delicious. The coffee varieties are great. I visited Amsterdam twice to hangout with friends that live here and I always come. If need a calm place to enjoy a coffee,read a book, rest your feet or a nice place to hangout with a few friends, I highly recommend.
I got to admit that after experiencing a fantastic coffee scene in Amsterdam, my expectations had gone through the roof. And they were mostly met at Monks Coffee Roasters. But, yes there is always a but, it was only the location and the coffee what made it worth the visit, and not their Aussie-inspired dishes. Australia can do better than that. We ordered the eggs benedict and the breakfast burger. The eggs were literally served on a plate of bacon, yes apparently you can overdo bacon and the burger was good, but I wouldn’t order again. That said, their coffee was great. The kind that makes you want to stay.
Cozy place, great coffee, medium but very nice selection of breakfast/brunch options and don't hesitate to grab a pastel de nata if they are not sold out! It definitely reaches Portuguese standards! Have been visiting it frequently over the weekends, can be a bit noisy so not suitable if you are looking for a quite reading/working place at that time of the week. Maybe more quiet during the week.
I wrote a previous review about a long layover I had in Amsterdam on a trip back to NYC from Uganda. I love looking up coffee shops when I travel. This one stood out to me so I took the trip. About 20 min walk from the train station at City central. Very easy walk I could be off a bit on the time. I was there right as they opened. I believe it was the owner who helped me. Very friendly and cool spot. If I lived in the area I would 100% always come here. They even have a certain area of tables that say no phones or electronics allowed. So people are forced to converse with each other as it should be. AMAZING. Good coffee as well.

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