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Sfeer, Veel licht, Veel Tafels


Kan druk zijn, Weinig stopcontacten



Nice and original place to relax and eat.
New area upcoming very trendy and artist minded. Easy for parking.
Very good food.
One of the best summer terraces in town. It's a mix of a beach club with a restaurant. Go during the morning for breakfast with a view and a cool breeze from the ocean. Go in the evening for some chilled music and drinks by the water.
Do you have a toddler? They'll enjoy playing in the sand and gravel, finding random broken pieces of glass or nails (just look out), but for real, they'll enjoy the gravel while you have a good coffee or some good fresh foods focused on vegetables.
One of my favorite bars in Amsterdam. Very relaxed and chilled environment with great hipster design. The crowd there also adds to the vibe. Totally recommended
Great place, great service, lovely for lunch with some friends or to hang out all day on the 'beach' that they have constructed just along the River Ij. One of my favourite bars in Amsterdam, if you're visiting or looking for a day or night out, then 100% recommend. Go and enjoy!
Nice spot at NDSM.

Service is very young and can use some training but is overall really friendly.

It’s not a cocktail bar- so I would stick to beer and wine, the cocktails we had were rather sub par.

Ambience is great, sunsets are underlined with nice music and the view is stunning.

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