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Sfeer, Veel licht, Veel Tafels


Kan druk zijn, Weinig stopcontacten



Place has it’s charm as it has waterfront and weird containers-meet-warehouse vibe. Menu has become bit shorter now but good presentation and taste. Service is as slow as ever, but the qr code scanning is better than old menu’s. I most likely will return as well as will recommend the place.
The essence of Dutch summer vibe. Menu is contemporary Dutch, you'll find a burger as well as glazed carrots with pearl barley. Reasonable prices. Big place, large terrace styled as a beach thus service is sometimes slow (waiting to be seated may last longer than your meal...).
A lovely place to spend the day on a warm day. Close to canal, so you can see the boats etc. Food and service is good. You have to book on a sunny day as it gets very full with long queues. Also great to walk around the area. The restaurant has great deco.
Great location.. Must be really nice in the summer.. You have to order through a QR code that brings up the menu and then they are calling your name in order to serve it to you.. The staff is really friendly and they do the best they can considering the circumstances..
We sat on the strand terrace and had a fantastic experience. You order and pay through their app, which works flawlessly. It’s a chilled experience, kids can play and the food is delicious

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