Location Block

Veel flexwerkers, Goede Koffie, Rustig


Kan Lawaaierig zijn, Niet overal een stopcontact


STROOM in de Pijp

Nice spot for a nice coffee or beer. They have an angle with toys for kids so, if you are a parent, you can enjoy your drinks while your kids are playing :)
Delicious food, however the service is always very slow.
Cool spot with great food and coffee.

This place was located convenient to my Airbnb and offered free WiFi. I met my girlfriend here for coffee and was super impressed. The Chicken waffle with sriracha was possibly the best meal I had my entire trip. We also ordered the croquettes which were great.

If you want a nice quiet spot for coffee and food, with great sidewalk people watching, this is a great option!
The best sandwich with tuna i ever eat😍
I come here often to work. It's a nice place with a nice atmosphere. It's almost like our neighborhood's living room.

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