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A lovely place to stop for a drink. The premises was clean. There was a stroppy girl working on the ground floor bar last Saturday afternoon. She needs to deal a little better with customer relations. All other staff were outstanding. The outdoor part is lovely from where you can admire the city view.
The gentlemen who seated was very kind and accomadating. The young lady who took our order was very nice and gave great service. The food was delicious as well as the fries. We had a party of 6. My family can be difficult. But, absolutely no complaints. Thank you...
Upon arriving at the location I was stunned by the intricate art design and the vast amounts of space the interior offered. The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant and is at the highest level for its class. The food was absolutely delicious with minor exceptions. We came as a big group and ordered burgers, the classic comfort food one would expect the youth to order without hesitation. As already mentioned, the food was delicious for the most part, the burgers were to die for - an absolute explosion of flavors, perfect doneness of the beef patty, amazing buns etc. The fries we ordered along with the burgers, however, were a disappointment. The taste was bland and lacked its typical, classic french fries’ taste you would expect from the fries with a burger. The attitude and the staff‘s manners is the main reason for the below decent rating. The constant promises of the kitchen opening any minute was really unnecessary and annoying. We had to wait for 30 minutes to order and another 15 min to get our food.
Like the view from the restaurant! The burgers are tasty. Enjoy the beer and coffee here very much.
Nice food. Nachos was tasty. Trendy ambience. we had to wait for some time since it was crowded at that time. Great hangout spot for friends and family. Thumbs up.

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