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I love this place. I pop in every now and then to do work and there is no judgment for having a laptop with you (in fact, I'm here right now and putting off said work by writing this review). The staff are so friendly, always service with a smile and they bring the drink over to you - no waiting at the till. Not to mention fact that they don't laugh at my awful attempts to pronounce the coffee blend names. The space is nice and bright with cool designer touches. Oh and the coffee is delicious! I'm not an expert or anything (which doesn't seem to matter as they know their stuff) but it tastes great. And there is free water on every table to stop headaches for anyone over indulging in the caffeinated stuff. Top marks all round.
This place serves excellent coffee and has a great ambience. Aim to go late afternoon in the week and you’ll be rewarded with a quiet spot to sit, on comfy seating to enjoy your coffee.
the coffee is insanely good, staff is lovely, only downside is that there are no electric sockets where you could plug your computer
I when lived in the neighborhood I used to come to this café quite often. I can safely say that they have one of the best coffees in town. I love their oat cappuccino.
The coffee: Pending review. Need a second or third visit. The grind is generally more coarse and darker. The brew has a lower ratio but is mellow.

The price: it's reasonable, within the scale of chain stores.

Location: is more remote but still quite connected with the trams.

Deco: the interior is more aimed at minimalist and trendy urban style with greens. Is quite fun to walk up the steps to the counter.

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