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white label coffee

i totally love their coffees. they roast everything themselves and they do this in a sublime way. the staff is crazy good and funny and pretty and they really know their coffees and have skills. the music is good. sometimes a bit on the loud side, but still. i love the fact that they dont have any plugs available and they don’t allow laptops at all! so leave it at home and have a chat with each other. their toilet paper is rough like sand paper. 1 star!
In terms of atmosphere easily one of the comfiest and coziest places you can sit down for a coffee and some chilling or reading! They roast their own beans which is always a plus, and the filter coffee was good - didn't try their pastries but smelled good. Will have to revisit for sure ;)
I like how rustic this place is. Missing a few more high tables. No laptops allowed at the minute but HEY! Very friendly workers 😊 5⭐
It used to be my take away coffee place until today. Sad to say that I just discovered how they are not child friendly and super rude. After a long pandemie break, it is was the first time we stayed to enjoy our coffees. It was very obvious that they didn’t like children visiting their. Later on, a guy walked in with his unleashed 3 sheep huge dogs and the dogs went wild, barking and run onto the children. We had to protect the kids and ourselves, had to deal with the dog owner while this cafe owner said/done nothing other than saying unleashed dogs are welcome and these 3 dogs visit the cafe every day and behave well. Well, obviously not this time and my kids were almost the victims! It takes only one time that one bad thing can happen and you get your lesson. It is ridicilous that they allowed those 3 huge dogs run inside unleashed. The dogs literally jumped on the kids (3yo + 1,5 yo). Later on, we had a chat and they were keen on not saying sorry or what so ever. Very ignorant and rude. Just a wanna be place and workers. Sorry guys, trying to be cool or hipster is not cool. You lack of communication and respect! Will never step in again.
Coffee is great, no complaints there. Unfortunately, not accessible for people with mobility issues as the place is full of steps and no place to hold while going up and down. Only a few seats on the ground floor. Another thing is that it isn't freelance friendly, as they will ask you to close your laptop. I am ok with that, but many sites list it as freelancer friendly and that can be misleading.

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