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white label coffee

It's a nice café but after coming here a few times I can say that the coffee is avarage and the staff seems to not care at all and is rather rude. Laptops are not allowed.
I liked the brazilkian coffee because it was not too strong, so it depends on how you like your coffee :)
It is a nice cafe where you can catch up with a friend or 2 and chit chat for a while. It is better for people who want to work or have some informal meetings.
It doesnt have any organised seating, but its still a cool place to go😊
Before Corona this was a nice place to study, computer with headphones, nice atmosphere with others doing the same. Now, it is not allowed to bring your computer any more :-( The music is soo loud, what can you do : talk? read? Not possible. The staff is cool and they seem to have more fun than their customers... the coffee is good but there are many other places to get good coffee, I wil certainly look for a more friendly place from now on
Coffee was great. Unfortunately, there's no wifi. Worse: I setup a hotspot to use my laptop, but I was told that laptops are not allowed. Very good coffee and atmosphere, but very disappointed otherwise. The store should advertise that laptops aren't allowed in the front and in bold, so customers aren't misled.
I was asking for the cold brew but they didn’t have it. Therefore they offered me Ethiopia Iced, and that was great. The coffee was absolutely amazing and staffs were friendly. I highly recommend this cafe!!!

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