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white label coffee

The staff was really friendly and welcoming. Got a cappuccino and an iced Americano. Both tasted nice. Would go back again, even though I wish the coffee was stronger. Bonus: the ambience is super chill and they were giving away some really cute pride + White Label Coffee stickers the day I went.
I liked the brazilkian coffee because it was not too strong, so it depends on how you like your coffee :)
It is a nice cafe where you can catch up with a friend or 2 and chit chat for a while. It is better for people who want to work or have some informal meetings.
It doesnt have any organised seating, but its still a cool place to go😊
Nice spot but the coffee is simply awful and way too expensive. Acid flavour, undrinkable. I was impressed by the ritual the barman did while preparing my espresso: weighing the coffee powder, throwing away those extra grams, pressing 3 times with special tools...but the result. Bleh.
Sublime coffee! Good location on the Jan Eef. Great atmosphere, though not many seating options available inside. The coffee never disappoints!
Good coffee but one of those annoying places where they will talk back to you in English as soon as they hear a little bit of an accent in Dutch. Maybe they think they're too cool to not show they can speak English?

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