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I'm in a quest to find good pizza places in Amsterdam. The pizza I ate was very good but I missed more options. There's only a few options to choose from and if you are restrictive about choices it can be hard. If there were more options and they were all good as the one I ate I would give this place an extra star!

To arrive there was quite difficult by car. We parked very far and there was some walking to do to reach the place and also some construction going on. In the summer it must be really nice cause there's an outside area but in the winter you suffer to reach there with winds and cold.

The place is spacious so it's convenient for larger groups. Accessibility can be a struggle because of the walking to get there and there are some entrance stairs which you can avoid if you are able to speak with one of the waiters to open the elevator for you (which is not really accessible if you need to speak with someone). Also there are some stairs once you are there but you could seat in a place that avoid those.

Due to accessibility and lack of options I rated as 3 star.
Very relaxed place! Had the bitterballen and pizza. Both tasted great! Friendly service. Pizza did take awhile to come although the place was busy during dinner time. I would definitely come back!
Great vegan pizzas, the pizza dough is really tasty! Therefore also the focaccia as a pre-snack is yummy, as the dough to die for. Friendly service and cozy atmosphere. In summer they also have a nice terrace outside with a ‘beach’ section. Reasonable prices too!
one of the best pizza’s in Amsterdam to be found in the last 15 years. Been multiple times and quality remains so the friendly staff. 100% thumbs up Team Marnix
I come here for dinner every so often when I’m in the neighborhood and the place is nice, cozy and very hipster. They have a nice selection of drinks, not your usual ice teas and colas + the food is simple, but very decent. It has a great vibe as well!

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