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30ml Vredenburg

The Ethiopia coffee is very good. The beans are tasty and the roasting is high quality. Highly recommend!
Very good place to have a coffee with great design. They have either some table with benches (for big group) or smaller tables. I tasted their Tuna Cheese sandwich and it was delicious. Both the ingredients inside the sandwich and the bread were super fresh and the quantity was enough. Recommended!
Good coffee with variety of choices. It is quite spacious and has a relaxing vibe. However, if it is busy, you might have some trouble understanding each other as tables might be close to each other.
Be careful when you go there, there is a guy who is really rude and just wants to kick people out of the coffee. After ordering and working on my laptop for around 15 mins he came to me and said no laptop allowed only possible after 15 mins I said ok. Then I saw the person next to me working on her laptop so I asked what about this. He could not find an answer then he said because she ordered food. (You even don't know if I I will add anything to my order) By the way he was the one took my ordered at the first stage and saw me working on my laptop but after a while he decided to be rude I guess. I'm not waiting for apologize because I know that will never happen but at least to make people aware of this
Lovely place, the staff are very friendly. Also they do the Covid-19 protocol very well to make sure us as the customer stay safe.

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