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30ml Zadelstraat

Super friendly & great coffee.
One of the best espressos I have had. The staff is very friendly and engaging, and will have a long chat with a coffee nerd! Outstanding roasts, and great atmosphere. This is the type of spot I am always looking for when traveling. Will return to Utrecht just to have another espresso!
This warm, welcoming cafe offers superb coffee with attention to every last detail. In my months of living in Utrecht, and exploring Europe more broadly, this cafe proved again and again to be the place to enjoy a delicious cup made with care and expertise. My husband and I were especially blown away by the different roasts on offer, and had a number of eye-opening and deeply informative conversations with the friendly staff and management, helping us to further understand and appreciate the coffee on offer. Thank you, thank you, 30ml Zadelstraat!!!
Fantastic little place. Good menu, nice and simple, great atmosphere, lovely staff. Coffee wasn't amazing, as it tasted like a robusta heavy blend, but I could be wrong. Great toasties, some of the best I've eaten. Definitely worth a visit
Great place to get good coffee or organic icecream, also very friendly staff!

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