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Voor de treinreiziger, veel werkplekken, prima eten


Kan druk zijn


Bistrot Utrecht Centraal

Perfect place to meet a friend or professional colleague as spacious, good service, and nice menu.
Very pricey and with a limited selection of not so tasty food. Quite disappointing if you want to sit and have a nice meal. It's excellent for the quick travellers that have little time and want eat something on the healthier side. That was my first and last time.
Pricy drinks but the location can be beat. It’s too bad they don’t utilize the bar better. When sitting at it, you basically sitting in no where land. You have to get up to get in line to buy a beer. The staff was friendly though.
Very nice place to work and have a drink. But as you can expect, the prices for beverages and food is astronomically high. Luckily you will get free wifi
Tad pricey but good atmosphere

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