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Bistrot Utrecht Centraal

Just a perfect place for a quick bite, have a work while you are waiting for your train or even for a quick meetings.
Always nice to have a bite here.
Bistrot it is not (Not quick). Also what they call hot chocolate is frothy milk with chocolate chips served on the side. Was told to ‘stir vigorously ‘ which made a huge mess. The chocolate was near tasteless. The mug didn’t fit the saucer provided. The lemon tart was nice but has a marzipan taste. Something I like but I know many who do not.
Its nice place for studing or reading
Pros: Many different spots to sit, open late. Friendly staff. Pizza, smoothies, and coffee are pretty decent :) Ideal place to meet up with friends and colleagues.

Cons: I don't like any of the sandwiches, unfortunately. Bread is too thick to eat, pesto and truffle spreads on most (all?) of them which I don't like. A simple, affordable sandwich with mayo would be great.

Update: The last time I went in they had a rope set up for the queue! That was a small but annoying thing, so thank you! I've updated my rating.

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