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Fabulous place to go. If I'd have my own lunchroom coffee place, this is what it would look like! Everything is vegetarian or vegan. All natural products, organic and seasonal. Very tasty and fresh.
Coffee is sourced from KEEN (machine) and The Village (filter) both of which are among the best the country.
Very trendy hip hangout for hipsters and young people. Large table to accommodate the digital nomads with power outlets!
Great artisan beers as well as an original wine list. Again, if had a place it would resemble this one in many ways! Highly recommended!
The chef's choice menu consisted of six dishes which ranged from bland to pretty great. The portion size was too small. Only two out of nine family members had enough to eat. Atmosphere was very nice and the staff was friendly. I would recommend picking individual items instead of opting for the menu. The desert included with the menu was very small compared to some cakes that we saw going around.
Excellent vegetarian food. Not 5 stars due to the waiting time. It's to busy for the amount of staff
The place is original and nice. We have tried the yogurt bowl with granola and pear, really good. And we tried the vegan pancakes.. amazing!!! They are fluffy and the flavor is so yummy!
good atmosphere, good staff, good food and good coffee!

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