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Service was poor. Friendly, but not attentive or present. Ultimately left without ordering food as it took so long.

Coffee and juice was good, however, and food looked great
Excellent quality dishes! May be due to corona they did not the full menu, but whatever we ordered was just awesome!
Won't go back to this place. Such a shame seeing as I was super excited to try out the menu!

Service was extremely unwelcoming, especially from the lady barista who greets guests.

My fiance and I waited for 18+ minutes to get our order taken. Three other parties that had arrived AFTER us were taken care of immediately, but we were left there without any acknowledgement. We decided to leave without ordering after I asked the barista if we had to order at the bar. She COLDLY explained that I "had to wait until her colleague was finished [with the other guests]".

The cafe wasn't even busy, and we were sitting at a table where we were clearly visible. There's no excuse.
delicious cakes, good coffee, super friendly staff. and the place looks very cool! don’t look for another place for a good time
Broei is set beautifully on the edge of the oldtown of Utrecht. Honest and fresh vegetarian food and well equipped to serve a great coffee. Vintage furnitured, offering a pleasent atmosfere to have a drink or a bite. Terras is quite spacious but gets easily filled up. Reasonable price/quality. Staff is friendly and fast. Allways good to be here.

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