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Camping Ganspoort

Lovely place outside the downtown core. The place is actually not a camping but designed as a laid back place one could expect at a European campsite.
Great place to enjoy a sunny day! They have nice gluten free options, too 😊 the service is very nice, but also quite relaxed so not the place for a quick bite only.
Great staff and nice location. Good for meetings as well
Great hipster place. I was there to give a talk on entrepreneurship however before that we had a great hamburger with fries. Not rocket science but a great meal. The meat was good and the bread was like a true American style burger. The fries were average. I would recommend making your own fries and not buy them at a wholesaler. After the talk, I tried one of their local bears. Yuk! But the story behind the beer was great. We had another one just to support the local brewers. Staff was for friendly but never returned our call about a lost GoPro camera. Wich makes me want to give them three stars for not caring about guests.
Lovely location looking into the water, nice staff and good selection of food and drinks.

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