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De Bibliotheek Neude

Nice old building. I like to walk Al the floors after so many year while that wasn't possible. Good thing it has been given back to the people of Utrecht. Renovation is nicely done with respect to it's history. Some details still need a bit TLC. Very nice adosphere for quite studying or reading a newspaper.
The building is very nice, it's old but also quite modern. There are a lot of books, there are also some DVDs and listening books. For studying and quite reading there are also some quite rooms, with enough room for you to work or read. I haven't found any comics or anything like them, but there is a whole lot of variety between the books they have.
I love this place with its light study spots, dark rows with book shelves, rooms for education and culture and friendly people. Quite and comfy.
The new library is amazing, love it!
It had so much potential. Yet alas, that potential has been wasted. Without soul, aesthetically mediocre at best (a ruined wonderful piece of architecture) , and a lack of cohesion. Seems to be have been created for a handful of students and children. What about the rest of us? I would gladly welcome back the previous library without hesitation. No subscription for me.

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