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Ludwig Coffeebar

Good place to study and work. The music is really good. Despite the price, I love its caffè espresso. Italian approved.
Utrecht has many nice cafés - but this isn't one of them! The owner asks you to order another drink after sitting in there for an hour. If you dont get another drink immediatly, he wants you to leave. Not an atmosphere you feel welcomed in.
Tasty ice coffee and warm chocolate croissant! Good atmosphere!
Muwh, nothing special. It's ok.
[shame rude manger] we went to that place to have a coffee. While we're checking deserts my friend went to the rest room. We didn’t find what we wanted and left the cafeteria, whiteout having coffee.
Our friend came back , we moved to the exit and then it started.
The old looking guy start yelling at my friend, he tried to grab her arm. We’re in shock, we didn’t understand what’s going on! He kept yelling and yelling"You must pay 0,50 € for using the toilet!” His eyes were crazy.
We payed quietly and left that place. My friend she was in shock whole evening, she couldn’t believe some one act like this.

BTW -> there is no any sign that non-customers must pay for the toilet!

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