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Ludwig Coffeebar

[shame rude manger] we went to that place to have a coffee. While we're checking deserts my friend went to the rest room. We didn’t find what we wanted and left the cafeteria, whiteout having coffee.
Our friend came back , we moved to the exit and then it started.
The old looking guy start yelling at my friend, he tried to grab her arm. We’re in shock, we didn’t understand what’s going on! He kept yelling and yelling"You must pay 0,50 € for using the toilet!” His eyes were crazy.
We payed quietly and left that place. My friend she was in shock whole evening, she couldn’t believe some one act like this.

BTW -> there is no any sign that non-customers must pay for the toilet!
Nice place to enjoy a coffee and watch the cycle traffic wizzing by. Seems to have powerpoints close to each coffee station which is good for tired batteries 😉
Poor service and a rude owner, who continuously made unkind comments about myself and a group of friends loudly with his colleagues, after we had decided not to order another round of drinks after 30 minutes. Not the kind of atmosphere in which you can enjoy a cup of coffee!
For the first time in my life I have experienced such a rude attitude towards a client!! We went there today with a friend to study and we ordered coffee. The owner then came to ask of we needed anything else, and we simply said we are fine but we might have something to eat later on. We finished studying earlier and we started leaving, when the owner came to confront us and say how is it not right to say that we might eat and then leave and that he left us alone only because he thought we were eating later on. I also need to point out that there were many other free tables and that there was no sign saying that you need to pay a certain amount per person. Dear owner, if you want to call yourself a PROFESSIONAL you have to let your clients decide on their own what they will order and let them enjoy their time there. Next time the might come with more people and order more! Being rude and caring only about the MONEY will only leave you with less costumers ....Overall horrible experience, never going back there!!!!!
Surprisingly awesome espresso. As an italian, I can assure you that we are spoiled about food, and even more so when it comes to coffee.. If you want a very good coffee and breakfast, you found your place. Ciao!

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