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Veel Flexwerkers, Hartje Centrum


Druk, Roemoerig, Weinig stopcontacten



One of the best places in town to get a really good cup of coffee! The baristas are very likable and always in for a laugh. Plus I especially love the manager!

However, I think some of the choices for food are a bit expensive. I realize paying over 5 euros for grilled cheese is extraordinary!
Tasty coffee in a cosy environment. Lots of people work there which gives it a nice environment. It was also highly recommended by our AirBNB host.
Love the vegan deserts!
One of famous coffee place in this town. The interior is good, however, was over crowded in this Saturday afternoon.

Back to my coffee, I ordered a pour coffee. Coffee bean was tasted okay, a strong background note attached. But, but, inpatient crew brewing skill is so bad and throw cups on the desk. If you are looking for some casual, slow style place, or a bit welcome, don’t go...
Amazing place to work whole drinking a cup of coffee. You just drink as much coffee or eat pastries as you want. But atleast have one order and study or work as you want. Also is equipped with a rest room and there is no charge to use it for customers. Noise is the only downside.

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