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Veel Flexwerkers, Hartje Centrum


Druk, Roemoerig, Weinig stopcontacten



One of the best places in town to get a really good cup of coffee! The baristas are very likable and always in for a laugh. Plus I especially love the manager!

However, I think some of the choices for food are a bit expensive. I realize paying over 5 euros for grilled cheese is extraordinary!
One of famous coffee place in this town. The interior is good, however, was over crowded in this Saturday afternoon.

Back to my coffee, I ordered a pour coffee. Coffee bean was tasted okay, a strong background note attached. But, but, inpatient crew brewing skill is so bad and throw cups on the desk. If you are looking for some casual, slow style place, or a bit welcome, don’t go...
Got the latte and croissant which tasted great! Lots of seating inside to work. Nice seats outside for a place to relax and enjoy a warm drink. Fast wifi! Would definitely come back again.
Coffee was great (frozen cappuccinos in the summer are always a good choice). There are about ten spots to sit outside, overlooking at a canal. Inside, there are two floors, thus large seating capacity. Water is offered free of charge. Apparently there is a maximum of 1.5 hours of WiFi.
Excellent coffee, friendly people, and lots of comfy seating inside and even a few spots out front. I had a yummy frozen cappuccino that totally hit the spot. Highly recommend for coffee geeks.

I hope my readers find my review and photos helpful.


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