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de Bijenkorf Utrecht

Its a store, its not cheap but that is fine because the quality of the service and selection you get is worth the extra costs. the place is clean and well laid out. You can find just about everything and anything you will ever need here.
Nice shopping, and shops in shop. Mostly the more luxurious brands, so not the cheapest place to fill your home
Great big store. Everything looks nice and clean.
Worth to visit if interesting in big brands.
For the rest well designed restaurant upstairs.
For little break, having lunch or drinks. So recommended!
IG @EYEOFDEMETRIUS IG @Aboxfelloffatruck This is a really DOPE store with great merchandise and helpful staff. They have a lot of luxury and affordable luxury designers. You can find a few unique items that you can't source in more popular spots in Paris and Milan. They also have pretty good sales as I saw a number of items that were 50% off. Add that to a VAT refund and it's a real come up!!

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