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De Pomp Utrecht

Can highly recommend. Went here for brunch, but I can easily see myself going in for dinner as well. Excellent ambiance, great food, good coffee. You can also sit here and get some work done during weekdays.

Service was attentive to our needs and quick on the coffee refill, which I like. Close by central station and the movie theater, so it's centrally located in that sense. If you're in downtown Utrecht, you'll need to take the bus though.
Lovely neighbourhood spot. Food is excellent. Would give more than 5 stars. Service is however spotty. Been here three days in a row and was served by friendly and kind ladies.

Today there’s a new server and she was very grumpy and rude. Not to mention they forgot an egg on my salad but they did replace it quickly when asked. Quite a few screaming kids running around - I guess avoid Sundays?
Great food and original ambiance. The service makes the experience less fun. Lazy workers who fool around with eachother instead of helping customers or taking orders. Unprofessional and disappointing.
I had an espresso that was so sour it made my stomach turn. The restaurant and its atmosphere are lovely, but don't expect a good cup of coffee. Or the staff to respond adequately.... After telling them it was unacceptable they told me "too bad".
Food is good, service most of the time too.

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