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De Pomp Utrecht

Decent food, friendly staff. Nice for a warm summer evening.
Good bitterballen. Expensive pils. Lovely service. Decent wine. Could use some spicing up of the beer menu to discern itself from others. There is a great local brewery a stone's throw away!
I can't tell you how much I love De Pomp. It's such a wonderful, local restaurant and cafe. The food is solid, and unpretentious, but delicious. It's a great place for a meeting, a coffee with friends or to get your laptop out and do some work.

It was built after a great deal of work with the city government and land owners to make it happen. I hope everyone can support De Pomp , it deserves it and the local community needs places like it.
Very cute atmosphere to have a coffee, lunch, nice refreshing drink and more definitely recommended it. It is also close to Central station.
Good and fast service. Small dishes to share. Food was tasty.

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