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De Pomp Utrecht

I can't tell you how much I love De Pomp. It's such a wonderful, local restaurant and cafe. The food is solid, and unpretentious, but delicious. It's a great place for a meeting, a coffee with friends or to get your laptop out and do some work.

It was built after a great deal of work with the city government and land owners to make it happen. I hope everyone can support De Pomp , it deserves it and the local community needs places like it.
Good and fast service. Small dishes to share. Food was tasty.
Lovely neighbourhood spot. Food is excellent. Would give more than 5 stars. Service is however spotty. Been here three days in a row and was served by friendly and kind ladies.

Today there’s a new server and she was very grumpy and rude. Not to mention they forgot an egg on my salad but they did replace it quickly when asked. Quite a few screaming kids running around - I guess avoid Sundays?
Excellent place for brunch. Great decor and ambience. The food tastes as good as it looks.
De Pomp Utrecht proves that casual looks and friendly staff can be perfectly complemented by great food.

Mind that the places closes at 23h, probably partly due to their location in a residential area.

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