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Great terras in the center of the city and still relatively quiet. Nice lounge benches outside. Service was very friendly and accommodating. Would certainly go again.
Unbelievable, the level of terrible service here. We were overcharged for something we did not get and they made an issue about taking it off the bill. It wasn't about the small amount but the principle of it. We were laughed at by staff. Then the staff thought it was necessary to discuss what they thought of us. They didn't realise I was standing behind them. Incredibly unprofessional and childish. Those are the nicest words I could come up with.
Friendly personell, very good card with a lot of choice. Close to the Domtower for a nice view
Great place with an amazing terrace
Best place to drink a beer with friends in the city center. Too bad the beer selection isn't better. Restaurant and hotel too but I've never been.

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