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Ten lamps near a mirror in front of where I was sitting kept flickering all evening, which was very irritating. Should be easy to fix, so why don't they? Otherwise the food was good, the gin tonic was great but their affordable red wine (Il cigno, if I remember correctly) was an undrinkable disaster.
We went based on reviews and recommendations. Maybe it was not their day as the waiter stated, but: medium does not mean cooked through and through and dry. Fries on the side were forgotten and when delivered when the main course was finished still undercooked (they were taken of the bill without protest). Drinks, wine, (when asking for water you are told to go get it yourself in the corner, a shame there were not enough glasses on hand) and cutlery were forgotten, public restrooms in trains are cleaner and when staff complains about not having enough people on hand they should not be huddling in the corner avoiding work and gossiping in a not to friendly manner about guests. There are enough other places nearby with good reviews, I'll not return here.
Great terras in the center of the city and still relatively quiet. Nice lounge benches outside. Service was very friendly and accommodating. Would certainly go again.
Nonexistent service. Half the time we go there the order is messed up (wrong or missing items). The other half we just sit there for an hour without anybody noticing us and taking our order. It usually takes between 20 minutes to an hour to make a coffee or pour a glass of wine. All the while staff just chats with each other without seemingly doing anything. This is a classic example of what happens when you hire disinterested students only and do not give them any incentives to provide a decent service.
Unbelievable, the level of terrible service here. We were overcharged for something we did not get and they made an issue about taking it off the bill. It wasn't about the small amount but the principle of it. We were laughed at by staff. Then the staff thought it was necessary to discuss what they thought of us. They didn't realise I was standing behind them. Incredibly unprofessional and childish. Those are the nicest words I could come up with.

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