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District | Bread & Coffee

Coffee is really good, I had a flat white. And they have very delicious olivebread and worstenbroodjes. I tried both the vegan one and the meat one and both are 👌 That's all I tried so far, but I'll be back for more!
Excellent service & first-rate products.
[coffee review only] Not the place to go if your in for a good specialty coffee. Knowledge, price/ quality, variety, and work routine are not up to standard for a coffee place. Although friendly staff and I recon a nice place for lunch with a friend or so. I would suggest keeping the focus on food instead of trying to market yourself as a coffee bar by putting ‘coffee’ in the name, selling coffee gear, and over doing the ‘bocca’ merchandise. This will mislead people on there expectation and get the coffee enthusiast disappointed.
The coffee was horrendous! I asked for a flate white and what came back was too hot, too bitter and the milk was foamed into oblivion. When I heard the girl foam the milk I was crinching.. it hurt so bad. I suggest a coffee course for them..
Delicious food and great service. However, we were very frustrated because of horribly long waiting time (30mins for a french toast and scrambled eggs; didn't even get what we ordered). Moreover, food is rather ridiculously overpriced.

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