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Great quality food, tried something new every time and never been disappointed. Lovely staff, too.
Always delicious, for dine in and take away. Also a great atmosphere.
F O O D. From starters, to snacks, to main, to desserts - you name it... It’s absolutely amazing!
Atmosphere is always welcoming and staff is incredibly friendly and helpful :)
Always happy to come back here even if it’s for a cup of coffee!
Great place to get some vegan food. I ordered the Pho dish. As an Vietnamese, I was slightly disappointed by it. There was a lot of vegetables in it which gave it another taste than I was used to from my home Vietnamese Pho I was used to.

The drinks were fresh and good. They got a lot of ginger drinks, if you're into that.
We also ordered the grand dessert, which had a lot of variety of options. Since the other person couldn't handle alcohol and diary products they adjusted the dessert for us.
I would recommend to visit if you're into vegetarian or vegan dishes.
Highly recommended if you are looking for yummy vegan food! 🍲

The staff is super nice and friendly! Prices are moderate!

Keep up the good work GYS team and best of luck! 🍀👏🏼☺️

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