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Kan druk zijn, Beperkt aantal tafels



Perfect soul food.
You can eat and drink everything here and it not only tastes good but also feels good.
Pure enjoyment and great energy.
Lovely team.
Must go here 😀
Super cute restaurant! All options are vegetarian and also many vegan and gluten free choices. Very polite and friendly staff!
My first real meal while visiting Utrecht, and it was difficult to top. I ate every bite of my vegetarian satay, which was so well balanced, and slurped up my house made ginger soda quicklu. I also really enjoyed talking with our server. The menu is quite varied, but everything seemed carefully crafted with attention to detail. Be warned: they did not accept US credit cards when we were there. But they did let us wait (with no side-eye) while one of our party went to get cash.
I visited Utrecht in July 2019 and found this restaurant while looking for places which offer also gluten free food.
I was really amazed by the quality of everything which was outstanding.
Starting from the really good and strong coffee to a nice main dish to the really tasty dessert, I am now very much looking forward to the next time I will be able to visit Utrecht and I will directly head to this place.
Oh yeah and the people there were very friendly too.
The only small downside might have been that the food takes some time, but it was worth waiting every minute.
Great food! Super service! Will definitely visit again.

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