Location Block

Centraal, Goed eten, Leuke sfeer


Kan druk zijn, Beperkt aantal tafels



Atmosphere was great. And so was the food. However I have a dairy allergy and had a reaction to the ‘ vegan dessert ‘. The restaurant handled it quite poorly, in saying there was no dairy in the restaurant and did not do anything else to help or compensate for the reaction.
Great service, friendly atmosphere and I ate a good plate of food. It is, however, a task to sit there on a hot sunny afternoon (32 degrees) without sufficient ventilation or air conditioning. But it was a good experience overall.
Super good food, and they have a lot of vegan and gluten free options. People are always super nice
Great food, great service, good prices too. Always happy to eat here - a mainstay of the neighborhood.
Nice place, good healthy food, full plates. All veggie, vegan possible.

Just the orange-raspberry Juice was dissapointing, to much water instead of juice

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