Location Block

Veel Flexwerkers, Centrale ligging, Lange werktafels


Druk, Zitplek soms een kruk


Café Het Gegeven Paard

Nice food, I had te fish and chips and tasted good. Friendly staff as well! Perfect place to grab a bite before you jump on the train.
My favorite lunch date place that has nice vegan options. Pricy but worth it. Big compliments to the staff who is professional, friendly, makes you feel like home and takes care of your needs. Never forget to tip them. There are many tables inside and outside, this cafe is in the very busy but beautiful area. I wouldn't recommend to come here if you are anxious socially or don't like to be around big groups of extremely busy people.
One of my favourite places in Utrecht, great vegan options ❤️
I tried a delicious mint tea!
The waiters were amazing! And great service

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