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Veel Flexwerkers, Centrale ligging, Lange werktafels


Druk, Zitplek soms een kruk


Café Het Gegeven Paard

Cozy place, DJ playing music, mostly full of people. We came as a group of 15 and we didn't get served for a while. I had my first drink 1hour after coming in, first drink I ordered I was told after 20 min that it's not available, picked different one, finally got it after another 30 min. Rest of the evening went thankfully better. That's why 4*.
Nice place, but the staff didn't make us feel welcome when we were there
I have eaten and/or had drinks here more times than I can count. The staff is always friendly and service quick. The Gin drinks are spectacular coupled with a large patio that is south facing this makes for one of my most favorite and regular places in Utrecht.
Service was slow (it took approximately 10 minutes before someone came to help us) and reactive. Food quality is ok. Space is excellent to do productive work. The volume level is good for conversation and working.
A great place to spend the day either working or catching up with friends and easily turns into an evening "joint" for drinks and chat with friends. The sockets are under the table on the working benches and the wifi is pretty good too.

Loved the ambiance. The staff are also nice and courteous.

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