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We just loved it! The concept it's really interesting. The quality of the food it's amazing, the products are treated well and well combined as well. The stake was perfectly done, just as I like. The concept of having at least 3 different dishes is great, so you can try all of them.
Wine was good, I would really love a high quality selection at least per bottle, but the ones they have are good.
We were there on a busy evening, but still we got a really nice service, I don't remember the name but the lady behind the bar was taking really good care of us, checking constantly that everything was in order.
Keep up the good work and high quality! We will definitely come back :) already looking forward!
I definitely recommend this place, the restaurant looks lovely, and it's perfectly suitable for individual dinners or groups.
The staff was really nice. I love the concept of the restaurant; reusing food that otherwise gets thrown away to make great meals. I also like the concept of choosing multiple dishes as your main course so you can try a lot of different types of food in one evening.
Simply love this place. The story and good work they do alone is amazing, but the food is even more amazing. Or maybe that is just what happens when a business cares.
Loved every bite, will definitely be back and recommend this place to everyone.

One small thing to note, maybe consider not using plastic straws? There are plenty of alternatives nowadays. I didn't want to not give 5 stars because of this, but do think banning plastic would fit with what you stand for.
My girlfriend and I liked:
- the good atmosphere and visuals
- the idea is good and rather original
- location/place
- the staff was very friendly

Less appreciated:
- the food quantity and price are not balanced well as I do not consider this to be an exclusive place.
- waiting time a bit too long
- flavor combinations can be remarkable (strange)

Conclusion: good restaurant with a good concept, but the price / quantity / quality balance is a bit problematic.
The concept is very important for our society, reuse ingredients that might end in the trash can. I really enjoyed being there and the staff was very friendly. I really think more restaurants should follow their concept and make use of our food resources on an efficient and sustainable way.

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