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Instock Utrecht

Cozy atmosphere, delicious food & friendly employees. Always positively surprised with the menu. Definitely one of my favourite places in Utrecht.
Very nice place to have diner. We eat here once as a experience and it's close by. I would give the total experience a 7/10. They had some nice dishes but for us there was something lacking, some finesse / taste. And for the price you're paying i would expect more. We don't have plans to go here again and it also doesn't come-up in my mind to eat here again. So with that in mind i would give it 7/10, but i'm rounding it down because 4 stars is a place i definitely go back to. This is just not that.
The concept is very important for our society, reuse ingredients that might end in the trash can. I really enjoyed being there and the staff was very friendly. I really think more restaurants should follow their concept and make use of our food resources on an efficient and sustainable way.
My girlfriend and I liked:
- the good atmosphere and visuals
- the idea is good and rather original
- location/place
- the staff was very friendly

Less appreciated:
- the food quantity and price are not balanced well as I do not consider this to be an exclusive place.
- waiting time a bit too long
- flavor combinations can be remarkable (strange)

Conclusion: good restaurant with a good concept, but the price / quantity / quality balance is a bit problematic.
I love the concept. The food was delicious and I loved the atmosphere. I really have nothing bad to say, certainly a place I would visit again!

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