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Relaxed, cozy, nice staff, expo space for artists
Leuke koffietent die buiten de reguliere routes ligt en daarmee nog onbekend is voor de gemiddelde Utrechter. De koffie is echter lekker en het terras - waar meestal nog plek is - ligt aan een mooie groene tuin.
A side note to my review is that I mainly write reviews about the cappuccino from the places I visit. The 4 stars is based on the total experience and not for the cappuccino.

The atmosphere is cozy and a bit trendy or hip. The service is friendly and pleasant and I was helped quickly (take away, I was not at the table, so no idea how quickly you will be helped to a table). In the shop window they still had croissants, butter cake and chocolate rhubarb pie. The apple pie was already gone. I was not in an adventurous mood so opted for the butter cake (I have no idea what rhubarb is or what it tastes like, so I didn't dare to eat that chocolate rhubarb pie for now). The butter cake seems freshly baked and has a nice crispy crust. The butter cake is tasty and deliciously powerful. My corona kilos go for extension.

I suspect that you can also play a game here from the display of the games, but today the weather is so nice that just enjoying the sun on the terrace is preferred by visitors.

The catering industry has just been allowed to open the terraces for a while and the weather is very nice. However, there are still some tables available. Because Kaffeetaria is not very centrally located or in plain sight, it may just be that you can get a place on the terrace here while the center of Utrecht is packed.

Then what I came for, the cappuccino. Because I had seen good reviews and because Kaffeetaria was mentioned in the same breath in a contest on Facebook with my favorite place for cappuccino, Talud 9, I decided to visit Kaffeetaria. My expectation was therefore high, also because they do have a machine that I recognized as one that baristas (I'm no expert) use to make coffee so I guessed it must be possible to get a really good coffee out of it. The milk and milk foam layer of the cappuccino was wonderfully full and creamy, but there was only a suspicion of coffee. The cappuccino was so rich in milk relative to the coffee that it was more like something you give your kids before bed for a good night's sleep than coffee. Even for someone like me who doesn't necessarily appreciate the bitterness of coffee, this was too mild and the milk too lavish. So I won't come back here for the cappuccino, but if you live in the area I would definitely stop by to enjoy the sun on the terrace and to try the other snacks and the trendy drinks from the cooling. Hence 4 stars.
Nice place, discovered thanks to Tastywalk. Wonderful soup and coffee.
Super nice place and nice concept

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