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Karibu Café

Amazing food! Was difficult to choose, there are so many options that looked good. We will be back for lunch soon and often. It's a bit out of the city, but it's worth the time to travel there. The building is very cool, and I love projects like this where an older (in the case monumental) building gets saved and reused. Gives the place character.
Coffee picture is a flat white 👌
Parking across the street.
Games in the back corner. And the beanbags are very comfortable 😀 I definitely recommend this place.
While I really enjoy the food and the decoration at Karibu I've experienced semi-great service multiple times. It takes super long to receive your drinks even though in total, 3 tables were occupied at the time we visited. Surprisingly, the portions were bigger than normal (maybe because it was not busy)!
Beautiful place just outside of the old town of Utrecht. The pancakes were fabulous! If you like greenery and a stylish interior combined with tasty food , Karibu is a great choice!
While the cafe itself is very nice and the food is great, their service is quite poor, and decision-making process does not make any economic or common sense. The space was almost empty when I came to both order some food and work on my laptop. After that I've been said that laptops are only allowed in the overcrowded and dark place in the back called "digital nomads", where at the moment there was not a single place to sit.

When in the busy times it makes sense to divide the area into social and laptop zone, the times that are less busy would require some sort of flexibility and common sense in order to maximize the space and adjust to the needs of the customers. A place that claims itself as progressive and suitable for "digital nomads" has quite rude service and follows rules that are made for reasons not understandable to me.
Amazing food and super nice staff 😁

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