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Verder uit Utrecht Centrum



The interior looks so nice and the menu is so promising. I had their sweets and most of them are very good, enough vegan choice. But the dishes very disappointing. I had the wrap, and it says it has vegetables in it but there are a few tiny pieces in the rice and a lot of lettuce. I ordered without the chicken and got mushroom replacement which normally would be fine. But That's it, no sauce or anything else to give the wrap some taste. The wrap was cold. It was also very tiny for the price.
Also, the quinoa dish I ordered didn't have much taste (just some olive oil it seemed) and again, was rather small for the price. I know better places with tasty dishes, and even organic, for this price.
We also ordered a coffee since we had to wait for so long. It was way too hot (coffee lovers understand my point.)
I received my order more than half an hour after I ordered, no real apologies or extras. Excellent service is different,but that's obviously a choice.
Such a shame, I hope they improve, because I really was hoping for a great place in this neighborhood. They have great potential for better. 🙏👌
Delicious food with nice service. I love their vegan options, it’s so nice to be able to choose something else than a bread with hummus and grilled veggies :)
Simply amazing, the building, the decore, the menu, the food and the staff! Great vibes, great selection of dishes, amazing music! Will visit again for sure
Great place. Tasty food, excellent coffee, chill vibes & awesome staff
Lovely atmosphere and tasty food. I had the huevos rancheros and would highly recommend them. Very tasty and filling. The hot chocolate is fine, same with the chai latte. I don't like coffee so can't speak well to that but I would recommend this as a good place to have breakfast and a relaxing morning.

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