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Rustig, Veel flexwerkers, Veel werkplekken


Streng laptop en werkplek beleid


't Koffieboontje (De Korenmolen)

Beautiful, very relaxed atmosphere, it isn't huge but still many comfy seats. Chai latte was very good. Gets busy during lunch breaks!
I've been here several times now, it's a great place with nice food and fine atmosphere, a variety of sitting spots (barstools, chairs, lounge). I like to come here every once in a while.
Love the calmness and design of this place!
Very cozy place to get great hot chocolate. The food is very nice and the portions are generous.
I really like this place. It has a cosy environment, elegantly selected decor. Calm place for study and their flat white is recommended but it would be better to increase serving size. Their walnut cheesecake is delicious and free from garbage ingredients.

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