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Rustig, Veel flexwerkers, Veel werkplekken


Streng laptop en werkplek beleid


't Koffieboontje (De Korenmolen)

I really like this place. It has a cosy environment, elegantly selected decor. Calm place for study and their flat white is recommended but it would be better to increase serving size. Their walnut cheesecake is delicious and free from garbage ingredients.
Good spot to work/ study from. They have a nice swing.. loved the coffee varieties, but The cappuccino I had wasn’t creamy enough..
Of all the coffee houses I have been to, this place is the first one to threaten me “sit differently or else”. I was waiting here for a meeting and I ordered a filter coffee. It was half a cup... I thought maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. It tasted like watered down coffee and not hot at all. I didn’t mind. Then I decided to work on my laptop while I wait, the waiter came over and asked me to sit either on the high chairs next to the door or at the long table on the left of the counter. I asked him what was wrong with sitting where I was. He said it’s the rule for laptop users to sit as he said. I asked where they put this rule, on the wall? On the door? On the menu? Or on the receipt? I guess I embarrassed him for not being able to produce any evidence of this invisible “sitting rule”. He threatened that he will have to “removed” me... I was curious how he would do it, grab me by my hair or just in general by the collar? Luckily, my friends arrived, and saved me from the potential of flying out of that place, all because I used my laptop on the wrong seat!
Great place to chill, have a Great cupa . They also have tables for computer/school work. Very friendly staff
Nice place, good espresso and...... without music, without radio! 😀

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