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Veel flexwerkers, Veel tafels, Goede koffie


Kleine tafels


Koffie & Ik

Good coffee. Spacious and trendy decor inside. Outdoor seating. Fit for the digital nomad. Tasty pie & cookies 😎 I like the coconut macaroon.
Fine place with good coffee. Good for meetings.
Super friendly staff. Good coffee and tea and a nice interior. A little noisy sometimes but that makes it 'gezellig'.
Service can be a bit slow, but it's always worth the wait! Coffee is excellent and it's a beautifully bright space. Very family-friendly, too.
Goid coffee, perfect atmosphere to have a meeting. Parking a car us a little issue. Not much spaces available and one has to pay for it.
Love it that kids are welcome too

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