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Cozy ambiance. Very impressive types of beers. Food is very tasty. Really friendly place. They have some interesting games as well.
Great food. Cool alternative drinks. Tasty and innovative combinations of flavours. Great execution on the food itself. They seem to know what they are doing. Good service too: the experimental dish of the day didn't work out like they hoped, after our feedback they agreed it needed some changes and we did not have to pay for it.
OMG. Such a good place! The coffee is one of the best in the Netherlands. The food is DELICIOUS. The staff are really nice. Good atmosphere. Go here! Drink the coffee! Eat the food! Dreaming of it ever since! Can’t wait to go back ... shame we live in London so can only go occasionally! Olive
The best coffee and brunch in Utrecht. The coffee here is delicious - speciality-level. The food is amazing: indulgent and memorable. We were in Utrecht for Le Guess Who 2018 and we went to Loaded for coffee / breakfast 3 times and again for supper. Plus, the vibe is boss and the owners are brilliant - they made us feel like the place was our local coffee joint even though we were just passing through. Recommend.
Plus: Waiting staff was very nice, beer selection quite good, quality of food was good
Minus: the amount of food we got was quite low, especially for the price, we paid 24 euros for three small cups of fries and sauce.

I would only go back if I only wanted drinks, for dinner I would go elsewhere.

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