Location Block

Voldoende plaats, heerlijke koffie, goede lunches, creatieve broedplaats


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Cozy place and a bit “hipster”. I like the location, even though it isn’t the most central location. Maybe that is what makes is nice. Good food, a good portion for a good price. My friend has a small office here so for it was a very convenient place. I will go again for sure.
Great little place that I popped into for a quick bite on my way to South Utrecht. Really nice sandwiches and lovely staff
Cosy, relaxed
Nice to see how this piece of Utrecht changes. Marcus is now a great place for a cup of coffee and perhaps also for a beer in the summer.
"Wherever people work, mistakes are made." But where did it go wrong, Marcus? Was it the first sunny day of the year? The service was slow, vegetables not grilled, mushrooms nowhere to be found and the omelet actually no omelet either. And how is it possible that the fresh jus is already out at 12.10 if you are only open for two more hours ?! Hipster and location are all great, but the rest must also be OK. A lot of room for improvement, we will say.

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