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Vintage inrichting, Sfeer, Goede koffie


Kleine tafels, Kan druk zijn


Mr. Peer

Cosy place for breakfast, lunch & coffee. Very friendly owners. Plus they serve delicious ‘Jan Hagel’ (traditional Dutch cookies) with their coffees. People often bring their kids, makes it a vibrant spot.
Great place to have coffee or lunch with your baby or toddler on tow. Nice play corner, friendly owners, highchairs, and lots of other mamas/papas and babies to play with. Also, lekker food.
We were here with our grandchild. Usually she doesn’t like going to cafés with us, because she gets bored quickly, but in this one she had a lot of fun. There are many things to play with for children and the interior is very colorful. It’s a great concept!

Thank you for the beautiful afternoon.

Best regards and wishes

Günther, Renate & Isabelle
Cosy place with a small but well stocked children's play area with toys. Really good coffee and sandwiches. Very nice staff, friendly and accommodating. Cool place to have lunch or just a coffee and a conversation.
Great cake, and nice, fresh, personalised fruit and vegetable cocktails. This particular day they had a Twix cake, very much inspired by the candybar with the same name. Oh my. Sensory overload happened in the mouth, and I'm normally not someone who orders chocolate cake. This was pure greatness! The extra big slice ensured that no more meals were required that day. Thanks girls!

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