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Metro City Kitchen

Nice and lively place close to the central train station. They have quite a list of gin cocktails and we ordered orange gin cocktail. It tasted deliciois and was fast brought to our table. We ordered gnocci and a peas burger that was served with fries and a salad. Good portions and taste meal. Recommendable
A large city bar with a view of the bus terminal! The staff are friendly when you get their attention. Somewhat disappointed with the tapas portions and the bites size dips. Burgers seem to be the specialist order here! Drinks were a little watery for my taste, if I order rum at cocktail prices I expect to taste it.
Social distancing and sanitization maintained although it was Friday evening. Food and drinks were nice too. Enjoyed the service and our evening too. 😃😃😃
Lovely friendly staff.
The only bar I've ever came by in the Netherlands to serve DooDoo-Shots (on demand)!

Vodka - Lemon juice - Olive - Vodka - Tabasco

Shot it all at once! You're welcome.
~Future Beirut Citizen

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