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Fijne werkplekken, Veel stopcontacten, Muziek





Very kind service, you can sit really comfortable here. The coffee is superb and love the small details that comes with the coffee. (A coconut cookie and water). As I came with a laptop you do need to buy 2 drinks an hour, understandable because you can sit really nice over there. Ythey also have a take away point. Because of that it is not to crowded inside. One downside is that I did not find any charge ports though. Overall really nice coffee place. Highly recommended
Really nice atmosphere here. The service was very friendly and the food was quite tasty! Only disappointment was the long wait time. The eggs were cold by the time they arrived, but the pancakes were perfect.
I went 2 weeks ago with a friend for lunch. The place is small but warm. Staff is very friendly and the food delicious. We had a pile of pancakes with a drizzle of orange syrup and some cranberries. It was outstanding and I definitely would recommend it. Price is also reasonably good.
One of the best breakfast places around. Superb coffee and great staff.
Nice please, good music and coffee!

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