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The food and the service was amazing. We had made a reservation, which had a fast reply. The choices were tough, because there were so many great things on the menu, I ended up choosing the steak, no regrets!

The place was nice and cozy, and despite the covid 19 measures managed to have a very open and friendly feeling.

If you need a place to eat, Stan and Co is something I would recommend
Never a wrong choice. Food is great. Service is great. Distance to other guest is really comfortable. It's sometimes a bit hard to get someone to your table, the only negative about the set-up. The vibe is really nice and so are the costumes.
We went for drinks. The staff were super friendly and prompt in taking our orders. They explained the corona rules and made sure we had everything we needed.
It’s a great place to drink/eat. Really ‘gezellig’ and friendly staff. Also a good place to eat gluten-free!
Great food for an amazingly cheap price!! Definitely a place for sharers

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