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The Green House

We had a delicious dinner here. Service was friendly and attentive. The dishes were well made and presented. Some of the main courses are indeed small compared to 'normal' restaurants, but this was mentioned beforehand, and the price of these dishes is also accordingly lower. Would definitely recommend!
The concept is really good: outstanding ideas around sustainability and recycling and nice atmosphere. The types of dishes were varied, delicious and facilitative for different diets.
The service was a bit less; having to wait around 15 minutes to even get a menu, unclear explanations on how the menu worked. Also, due to covid 4 guests had to sit 1.5 meter apart (totally understandable), but then they make the dishes small portions so they highly recommend sharing between people (not very covid friendly), and the staff unnecessarily reach in front and over us to bring/collect dishes, which kind of defeats the 1.5 meter purpose.
All in all, very good concept and menu, but the execution can use some improvements.
Great atmosphere, tasty food and drink
Delicious food with good service. There were a few standout dishes like the pizza and the oysters. The location is beautiful and I would recommend taking a peek at the greenhouse and green rooms upstairs.
After we had been ignored by the staff, that were only busy 20% of their time, new guests arrived and were seated at the table next to ours. They were immediately served. As you can image, we left the place immediately.
The Green House's renewable concept is a good idea, but as far as I am concerned they may tear the building down and put it's components to better use. Will not visit again.

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