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Hippe inrichting, Menu, Mooie locatie


Weinig werkplekken, geen stopcontacten



My wife live near this Restaurant. We have tried the coffe and it was nice and really tasty. The ambience is really relaxing and is a really good option to chill with your friends.
I’ve ordered several times from them and they never disappoint. Yummy food and most of the times sustainable packaging. Can’t wait to go there in person when things are back to normal. 🥘👍🏼
Very cute place with very nice coffe, tea and super tasty food with take out
Nice place with tasty lunch and dinner options, it’s also nice and cozy to go too when it’s open!
The Libanese salad is my favourite salad in Utrecht. They also do amazing takeaway food - high quality and delicious every time.

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